Lightning Without Rain -is it a matter of concern?

“Is it just me or many of you have noticed the increasing rate of lightening in recent years ?”


I remember when I used to be in primary school, the lightning wasn’t as much worse as it is now. Well, it may sound a cheesy line, but it’s true. As a kid, I had been told that lightning is the natural forecasting system saying that it’s about to rain. But, nowadays, lightning shows up out of the blue just to say “Hi” and disappears without even making a sound. It may be one of several causes that humans are responsible for polluting the environment at such an extent that has resulted in uncontrolled formation of electric charge in the atmosphere.

What is a Lightning and thunder?
Lightning is basically static electricity. Rain filled Clouds consists of small frozen rain- drops. When these raindrops bump into each other as they move around in the air, the collisions create electric charges. As the whole cloud fills up with electric charge, the charges convert into light and sound. The light what we see from ground up in sky is called lightening and the sound comes with it is called Thunder. We see the lightening first and then we hear the thunder because the thunder because the lighttravels much faster than the sound.Light travels much faster than the sound. Light’s velocity is 3×1010 m/s whereas speed of sound is only 343 m/s (in air).

I live in Bangladesh, a tropical monsoon country. It’s one of the most vulnerable regions due to climate change from all perspective including unusual increasing rate of lightning per year. Here we have a unique way of measurement of the increased rate.

“Do you know how to measure lightening??
Yes, The death!! The deaths due to lightning per year”.~


It has been found that the average frequency of lightning death increased significantly from 2010 to 2017 and was the maximum in May. In May 2016, highest (96) people died due to lighting in Bangladesh, although in total 261 people died in whole year.

So, it’s a matter of great concern. I remember one day, I was returning from my college, and it started lightning. My college is situated in a country area. I had previously read all these horrible reports about death due to lightning and I was scared to death during the whole time until I entered under a roof.