ship breaking yard Bangladesh

Ship Breaking Yard one of the most important industries which contribute a great deal to our economy. Although some school of expertise say that this is not that much fruitful because there is a huge risk involved in here while working and it pollutes our environment enormously. It all started at 1960 when a battle ship named M V PAL was stuck in the bay shore of Sitakunda area. But the business actually flourished after the Liberation War with the help of private banks. In the eight’s the number of ship breaking yard increased from 60 to 80.Now ship breaking yard one of the largest industry in our county. The still mill industries are thoroughly in need of still from this ship breaking yards. The house building materials like rods are manufactured from craps of the yard. So from one point of view it is really a great business for our country. With the help of IPSHA Green Peace and FIDH published a report where they said that 80% of stills of our country come from this business. But In January 31, 2008 Bangladesh Ship Breaking Association refused that statistics. Recent statistics of the daily newspapers show that they supply only 25%-30% of stills. There are number reasons for this flourishing. The main reason is the cost for laborer is very low in our country. There is a hard labor needed which cannot be done by one person day after day. So it is important to have a large number of people working at shifts. There are statistics which inform that this industry avails job for a large number of people in our country. The work involves a huge pollution of nature that’s why developed countries are not much interested in establishing these industries in their countries.

The work involves dumping of a large number of toxic materials in the sea water. Many environmental scientists are showing deep concern about this industry because it damages the environment severely. Water, air, soil etc. important features of the environment are polluted badly.

Different kinds of toxic chemicals, black oil, asbestos and colours are dumped in the sea water. The metal powder is created while cutting it which cannot be used and is dumped in the sea water. So the quality of water is deteriorated badly and the living creatures like fishes, snails, crustaceans and different phytoplankton’s are destructed largely due to toxicities of water. So it is a must to take necessary steps to reduce the toxicities of water. Using a proper place for dumping and using developed machinery can solve the problem on a large scale.

Noise pollution is a daily phenomenon in the yard area. The constant hammering of the workers, the use of oxyacetylene ray and bombardment creates a huge noise in the yard area which severely affects the workers and also people of surrounding places are affected by it. So the use of the proper instrument which sounds less and sound isolation of the yard area can be provided to reduce this pollution to a large extent.

The iron and led created from the yards are mixed in the air and it goes to the human body through respiration and affects deathly. When some explosion happens in the area the number of dangerous chemical increases in the air. To lessen the pollution in air steps like the cautious use of explosives and reduction of iron led mixing can limit the pollution largely.

The degradation of the sea water affects the near shoreline and gradually it deteriorates the quality of soil of the area. The soil becomes arid so the agriculture and vegetation system falls a victim to this. The dumping of toxic wastes in a restricted place can eliminate this pollution.

In the year 2009, about 209 ships were chopped and there are about 2000 ships are about to be called abandon in Europe. They are sure to come in Bangladesh at a large number. If we remain like this and take no necessary stapes our country will become a dustbin for the developed countries.

Above all the law enforcement has to be very strict in this case. There is no structured law about the payment and work system of the labourers according to the risk involved. Recently on 26 December 2009, a horrible accident took place in the Rahim Still Company. Many incidents are happening every now and then. Where four labourers died in the explosion and it is daily phenomena in the ship breaking yards. So the actual law should be produced and acted simultaneously.

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